Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilt Appraisals at the Omaha Quilt Show

Quilt Appraisals will once again be offered at the Omaha Quilt Show, June
> 19-21, 2014 by AQS Certified Appraiser Jennifer Perkins.  Both new and
> antique quilts can be appraised.  The appointment will take about half an
> hour and cost $40. 
> More information about appraisals can be found on Jennifer's website,
>  Pre-appraisal forms can also be located there
> under the Appraisal tab where you can type in your information, run it off,
> and bring it to your appointment.
> Call Jennifer for an appointment time at 712-579-2711.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Show and Tell, May 20, 2014

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May 20th Guild Minutes

A rousing "Good evening"was heard from Jill as we began our meeting at 7 o'clock. Part of the new sound system is not yet in but the loaner system worked great.  Jill spent days and gallons of gas researching this project and making sure we get exactly what we need.  Thank you, Madam President.  Jill welcomed a packed house and was glad so many were here. A wonderful program awaits us. There is a $5 charge for any guests tonight. Three guests were here from Moorhead, Iowa.. Jan, Shirley, and Imogene. Mary Jane's sister, Sally, was here with her from Omaha acting as chauffeur as well. Bonnie's daughter Adrianne, and her son, Ravi, were here all as guests.

Shop news from Nancy included lots of new batiks... charms and jelly rolls are in stock. We were thrilled to see Susie in attendance. She had been in Chicago and came home with 100 bolts of new fabric!  She has lots of new kits and miniatures available.
Announcement...Lorraine reports that the Sarpy County Museum in Bellevue is partnering with the Braided River Quilt Guild for a show to be held from 1 June to the middle of August. Demonstrations will be given on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Sounds like something we all need to check out. The all Iowa Shop Hop is from June 1 to the 30th. Cut Up and Quilt shop in Council Bluffs has information. Or Google the All Iowa Shop Hop. The Omaha Quilt Guild is having their annual show in the Lavista Conference Ctr., June 19th to 21st. Quilts for Comfort Chair, Denise, reports next meeting will be June 12 from 6 to 9. Come and have fun. Challenge group reports  Bev is packing the camper and headed out of town. PhD forms are still available list your projects, turn it into Jill, announce at Show and Tell that this is a PhD project and you're home free. PPP project has giveaways when your quilt is complete.  Quilts for adopted family's need to be turned in by the November meeting. Shelley Burge will be teaching the Virginia Reel workshop, June 18, 9:30 to 3. Cost is $30 per person. A supply list will be emailed. Connie Sue Haidel will be doing a fantastic hand appliqué workshop October 21. noon to 5. Please make sure you're signed up for that if you're interested. Jill Divelbess reported the mini retreat went absolutely great a proximately 12 people were there. Mini demo's for a pincushion and a Dresden Plate were given. They will try to schedule another one for the fall.
The Back Porch sale is complete. A huge thank you again goes to the committee, chaired by Lori, assisted by Kathleen D'Augusta, Carmen, Mary Jane and lots of help from others from start to finish. It was a huge job to get everything displayed, priced and then hauled off after the sale.

Old business...a card from Norma Archer was passed around. She is recuperating at home. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from one and all. The PhD T-shirts are here.  A big thank you goes to Nancy and Bob King for providing our PA system for the last how many years. A gift certificate was presented to Nancy.

Betty reported the county fair entry day will be July 23. Judging, July 24. Quilt turning, Saturday. Helping quilts are needed. Fair books will be available at next month's meeting. When our judge is here, she always raves, and is amazed by the quality and quantity of work entered at our fair. Lots of fairs are not experiencing this kind of participation. Andrea has a new pen pal from New Zealand.  Tonight both are announcing they're new found friendship and hoping to set up sister chapters if that sounds like something we'd like to do. Andrea will forward her our blog address so she can see what happens at our guild. They are bouncing ideas of what we do and what they do to maybe improve both of our Guild's. I'm suggesting an exploratory field trip!! There are five quilt shops in the area where this lady lives. The Sandra Dallas book, The Persian Pickle Club is being made into a movie for limited release this fall.

Thanks to tonight's hostess committee, chaired by Gail, including Lou, Judy Harriet, Pauline, Rita, and Bonnie. Show and Tell holders and folders tonight will be Kristin, Abigail, Patty, Bev, Kris, Kate, and Lorraine. They will be the hostess committee next month.

Door prizes were won by 13 lucky people. A pen pal from this Stitching was won by Jane. A pack of peach fat quarters was won by Jeanine, a snap bag by Grace, the table runner pattern is now in the hands of Sally. An all-in-one reference tool book was won by Robyn. Cut Up and Quilt sent a punch kit which was one by Sondra Straight. Sandy Richardson and Jill told her she needs to read the instructions because it is very easy to do. The Ann and Andy punch quilt kit was won by Patty. Pam won the towel patterns. The many iron cooling tote bag was won by Rose. A twisted triangle template was won by Leona. A Spooks pattern was won by Karen, hollyhocks pattern was won by Denise and a cat lover pattern was won by Lori.

Show and tell was started by Sarah Crum she had a crazy quilt done in a buddy block type setting that is being donated quilts for comfort comfort... it's been in the works for two years...very attractive results, each block was stashed with black.  We wish her the best in her new home in SD.  We will miss her and hope she gets back to visit often! Pris was challenged by Sarah to make something with some scraps and she had a really cute set of placemats and rug mats as a result. Pris also had a pinwheel pattern she practiced on making blocks. It was done in reds, prints, bordered with white and then 4" red. She has the pattern available if anyone wants it. She's donating it to Q for C. Her pride and joy is the blue quilt she made for her brother. It's the color, size and pattern he wanted. She did offsetting dark blue and light blue 6" squares and it looked fantastic.Pris had three tiny little six-inch scraps pinned to the back. That's all she had left from her fabric!  Delores finished a PhD One Block Wonder, done in tans with some black accents. It had a jagged edge of the top and one of the hexagons sticks out on the side. Be sure to check that out on Sandy's blog... it was stunning. She also had her flower girl dresses done they are a soft blue and orange plisse', with a white collar, orange pocket trim and ruffle, and crinolines underneath. The little six-month-old sister also gets a  dress, complete with bloomers! Andrea was forced to show her PhD project, a darling little fabric book for her grandsons. Just adorable, as are those boys!!Marilyn Alfers was inspired by the quilt shop show back in April when she needed to make the T-shirt quilt she used triangles with scrappy black setting to make an absolutely stunning quilt. A whole new take on the T-shirt concept. We heartily approved. Lorraine Carter has a PhD project completed that she bought three years ago at Cut Up and Quilt. It is a row by row Christmas quilt. She had enough fabric she could've almost made a second quilt. She put flannel on the back to make it extra cozy and warm. She also made a car quilt for her four-year-old grandson's birthday coming up next week in a block really look complicated. Jeanine Williams couldn't resist a kit at Quack Therapy. Kits are on sale that you can't resists She had polka dots on the back so that's going to count for her polkadot challenge! The quilt was a clay color, turquoise, the feature block had stripes in dark nature colors. The setting was quite attractive. Gail finished a polkadot quilt that is also going to be a donation. She bought this at the Back Porch Saleand it has a cross pattern done in a light purple, turquoise and pink set on white. When her son left home, she got his room and could decorate anyway she wanted so she choose yellow and gray...very current! The blocks while looking very complicated were two rectangle shapes sewn together and twisted in different directions. Be sure to check this one out on the blog too. Grace finished a baby quilt for her great-niece. She did everything from her stash except a little bit of blue for each edge on the backing which was flannel. It was machine quilted  on her domestic machine with a curvy stitch, all done in yellows and blues. Grace also had two PhD's finished... one was a sampler that had been paper pieced in purples and blues on a white background the other, patriotic stars in red, white and blue made from leftover scraps. Of course, both were done to perfection. Georgiana was supposed to have her great granddaughters graduation quilt done for Saturday...all she needs is to add more borders. It's a lovely pink and floral block stashed with white pink corner stones. Patti's niece, also graduating from high school,is getting a T-shirt quilt. Patti bought a pack of pink, purple and blue fabric when the Quilt Shop was here but her niece thought the fabric was to babyish so she is getting a quilt that has the school colors of bright royal blue for stashing around the T-shirts and then there were two left t shirt blocks, not big enough for the top, sashed with a lovely bright stripe on a royal blue backing, very attractive quilt. Kristen has a PhD 24" square in a square done in purples, creams and tans.  Elegant! Kathy Donovan had a beautiful quilt for a young lady who was severely injured in a car accident made from the scrub hats the surge nurses are no longer allowed to wear. It is stashed with white and extremely attractive. What a thoughtful treasure for that young lady. Holder Kate has a beautiful batik quilt all ready for a graduation on Saturday. She finished binding it today. She stitched in the ditch to quilt it but decided that wasn't enough quilting so she's in the process of going back and doing some more quilting. It is a disappearing nine patch and it too is done to perfection. I'm sure every teacher in the Underwood school district vies  for the the honor of having Kris' son in their class.  Every year she makes his teacher a quilt!!!   His fifth grade teacher this year is a major Hawkeye fan. Kris started making blocks and continued until she made about 100. She only needed 80 for the quilt so she made a baby blanket out of the leftovers, and of course, a matching pillow case. Now she has more blocks so next is a doll quilt.. Her sons favorite music teacher is leaving this year and she found a kit at Keepsake with musical instruments on the fabric. She always puts a label on the quilt that has a picture of her son, the year, etc.  He hand wrote a poem to also go on the music teacher's of course has a pillow case to match, done with the French horn which was the music teacher's favorite instrument.

Peg Pennell was here in August 2009 and that Pam's first year in the Guild. Pam took very detailed notes of the unique borders Peg was presenting. She had to google a few of the words to find out what they meant. Peg's mother taught her to sew, neither her mother nor grandmother quilted.  Peg made all her clothes since Jr. Hi. Her program was a history lesson of fabric colors and content since she started quilting in 1974. Her first quilt was a double knit from a pattern seen in Family Circle magazine. She didn't like it! In 1975 Family Circle came out with another quilt as you go log cabin quilt. Peg made 11...even a round one for her brother. She used some decorator fabric and a sheet for the backing. In 1976 the Bicentennial motivated her to try applique... another family Circle pattern produced a picnic blanket with bulletproof off white fabric.  Lots of baby quilts were then made for her friends. Next came more appliqué. In 1984, she put results of every class she took on one clever! It had dimensional blocks, an advanced piecing block, a Hawaiian technique block,and two Amish blocks. Then Peg found her true calling art quilts, followed by major embellishing!  A flamingo wallhanging in clamshell design started her teaching career. Her next stroke of genius came from a Ruth McDowell class that lasted four days starting with the photograph of flamingos.  Pam ended up with a stunning quilt with a Bargello border. One of her favorite things to do is challenge quilts. She will use the front and the back of the fabrics. She has made the raffle quilts for Quilt Nebraska. She has taught tons of pin weaving vest classes. She had over 800 fabrics in the next Quilt Nebraska quilt. It was a large letter "N" with Nebraska motifs and a scrappy red four-inch square background. People kept asking for the pattern so she had to make another one since the first one was with the winner!! Her next major accomplishment was the Magnificent Seven Ruth McDowell zebra quilt that is  a hexagon. It had to be stitched to black fabric so it could be hung easier. Peg said she is constantly causing problems for the quilt shows with getting her quilts hung since they have unusual borders. One of her first classes was a drafting class because back when she started that's how you learned to quilt.. you had to draft your own blocks. When she got a into quilting with metallic thread it broke constantly! Don't I know all about that! She had a great idea...simply cover where the thread broke with a bead thus starting her illustrious career as an embellishing  expert--I'm not so sure she didn't invent embellishing!! Peg's detailed historical stories of each and every quilt was amazing.  She was a garment maker for years, even making her husband's three-piece suits. She encourages us to always try new things, find new techniques. Quilting is for fun. There is a place for every single person in quilting. The average age of quilters is now 62. We need to encourage young people to quilt or it will fade into oblivion. Peg is now into the new modern quilt movement...I'm sure she could do a program on that as well! She had her signature log cabin block in the middle of a purple background where she had detailed wedges of modern machine quilting, which is a bit different than what we're used to on traditional quilts. Her skyline of New York City caused quite a buzz. Her panels of trees at the bottom were simply amazing. We thank our program committee for providing such a fantastic, motivational, talented quilter to our Guild.