Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guild String Pieced Block

A block before trimming

You will sew strips of fabric together in various widths and colors that are at least 11" long. Your strips do not need to be the same width across the entire block width, variety is more interesting. Continue to add strips until you reach a width of 11" (11"x11" is the basic size we are looking for, a " little" larger or smaller won't make a big difference). But we will want to be able to trim these down to a 10" block size. I suggest using a wider strip at the beginning and end of your square to make it easier to square up later.  DO NOT trim your blocks before turning them in. Your will get one chance to win for each string-pieced square turned in at our March meeting. The limit you can make is 5 for our drawing in March. You can add plain triangles and make a block like this or.............
Or this

Or this

Or just all string pieced triangles..

I am having a terrible time with this post, when I publish it, the captions don't show up on the Preview and I can't get the pictures arranged like I wanted them, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Added 2/23/2013: If you would like to make a quilt for yourself, you would need to cut a 10" square of plain fabric and then cut diagonally twice to make your plain triangles.  You could make your strip blocks any size you want and then you would cut the same size for the alternate blocks. Just a reminder, there will be a lot of bias edges so you need to handle your pieces gently to keep them from stretching. 

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  1. Even though you had problems, it still looks good. And thank you for the directions. I'm going to get mine made for the next meeting. :-)