Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 19, 2013

Our November meeting was our last meeting of the year, we will meet again on January 21st for our annual soup supper at 6:30 p.m.. On Tuesday evening, we once again had lots of show and tell and I mean lots!!!! Then we all modeled our Christmas aprons for everyone, prizes were awarded for 3 of the best or prettiest aprons. The Apron committee, Sondra, Rose and Jill D.were the judges. And next Professor Fat Quarter (Jill C.), Professor Calico Print (Sandy (me)) and President GerrySue proceeded to begin our PHD (Projects Half Done) Award Ceremony. Each participant was given a Challenge Award Certificate, an Honor Cord and a bag of decorated Sewing Cookies...It was a grand finale of our year long challenge for unfinished projects, it was a great instigater for 39 of our members. You only participated if you wanted too but I think it was a great deal of fun for everyone. You can see pictures in the slide enjoy!!!

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We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas..hope to see you in January...

Friday, October 25, 2013

October 2013

I didn't get to go to our October meeting so I don't have a lot of pictures and I am not even going to attempt to label them. Sorry.... I tried to edit most of them for size and resolution and some of them are a little blurry and I apologize for that..
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The program was "The Feedsack Ladies" from Des Moines. And from all reports, they had a excellent program. They shared the history of feedsacks, along with many articles of clothing made from them. And many feedsacks themselves.
I love these Bloomers!!!
Did you have any clothes made from feedsacks??? I did and I still remember them!!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Guild Meeting with Laura Franchini, 9-17-2013

Laura Franchini, from Wisner, NE came to our monthly meeting and gave a great program for us. Laura considers herself a happy fabriholic and an escaped high school teacher. She has a rather off beat way of looking at her quilts and quilting. And she is a new first-time Grandmother, so can you imagine the quilts that baby will receive??? Here is a slideshow of her quilts..enjoy!!
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We had another great show & tell. I don't know if I have the slides all correctly tagged but excuse me if I don't .
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I hope to you enjoyed the slide shows...

Friday, August 30, 2013

August Meeting and Program Slideshows

This is a pretty "heavy" post with 2 slideshows but I hope you enjoy looking at them..Our meeting and program was one of the best.
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Our guild member, Phyllis was our featured quilter and she gave us a wonderful program. She showed her quilts to us in a Quilt Turning fashion...Wow, did we see a lot of beautiful quilts and quilted small pieces. I know she never sleeps and you will agree with me after looking at the slideshow. Many of her quilts are reversible with quilts on both sides!! These weren't all of the quilts she had made, many had been given away...:-) Enjoy the show!!!
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A Quilt Turning at the Harrison County Fair

We had another successful quilt turning at the Harrison County Fair..I believe this was our 6th Annual turning. People just love to bring their quilts and have them shown, it's a good day!!

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I hope you enjoyed it!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

July 16th Meeting, Trying to Catch Up!!

I don't really have a good excuse for not posting our July pictures but I hope to get caught up within the next few days..
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Jill introduced our Trunk Show presenter, Rita Milner, from Council Bluffs, who loves quilting, showing them to audiences, and then giving lots away!! She had an unbelievable variety of items to show, from pin cushions, pot holders, and placemats to full size quilts. Items were exquisitely constructed and quilted, presented in a friendly, fun, casual way, we all thoroughly enjoyed Rita. From her first quilt using her copyrighted pocket edge binding technique, we were captivated. Her Prairie Points, crescent or scallop bindings are usually filled with batting and quilted. One quilt from Kanesville's last BOM project had a scalloped edge and then squares dangling from the binding (actually sewn into the binding, not just tacked on) with a little bead in the center of the 1" squares. Another quilt for a grandson in the service who needed an Asian quilt utilized a panel from Keepsake Quilting with two egrets dancing among flowers. Rita whacked off the pink border, put black beads on every egrets eyes for an amazing effect. The center panel had a 1" turquoise border, 6" black border, more turquoise and tan, another 6" black border, 12" egret fabric border, more turquoise and tan, another black border and 1/2" turquoise, and black Prairie Points! How to turn a panel into a quilt!! A granddaughter gets her favorite 4th of July New York Beauty, pattern from Judy Neimeyer, quite intricate!, Rita's daughter gets the double wedding ring full size quilt, her husband gets the 116 X 104 Civil War BOM with matching pillows designed by Rita, made of Marcus Bros. fabric. The night stands have matching quilted "covers". Her little Sunbonnet Sue was from an original drawing--just adorable!! The Fons and Porter red and yellow circular table cover had birds with embroidered legs and black bead eyes. She wrote the instructions for baking potatoes right on the bag! Her Laguana bag from Keepsake was a big hit! (This paragraph is copied from the July newsletter written by Phyllis H.)
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I hope you enjoy the slideshow's and that I didn't make too many mistakes...I'll be back soon with more news and pictures..

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 18, 2013 Meeting Notes and News

Here we are again already, the months sure go fast, especially when we are having fun, right?  Our June meeting was well attended with members and several guests. We had Becky Wright aka The Civil War Quilter, from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa with us to give the program. She came with lots of Civil War reproductions quilts and also several antique Civil War quilts that she has collected. She had her patterns for sale and several kits also. A slide show will follow in this post.   Once again we had lots of show and tell for sharing. It is always amazing every month what our members have completed and bring to share with us. It's the  favorite part of the meeting and we encourage everyone to bring their projects to show. It is so inspiring to all of us. Here's the slide show for you to enjoy.

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Here is the slide show of the Civil War Quilter and her Quilts..and a few of the class that she taught the next day.
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Just a reminder: If anyone ever has anything they would like me to post, just give me a call or email me and I will be happy to post it for you..Thanks.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 21, 2013, A Very Nice Meeting

Last night, I thought we had an exceptionally great meeting and program. We always have such wonderful Show and Tell, it just seems to get better every meeting. The slide show will attest to that! The program was equally inspiring to a crowd of about 65 guild members and we were overwhelmed with her generosity and great presentation. Thanks so much, Jean!!

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Nancy A introduced The Button Lady, aka Jean, with her story of producing buttons. She has stuck with her passion for over 40 years. Her husband encouraged her to just keep on doing it, you'll get it and she did and he is her #1 helper! Her garage is her factory, and at the peak of her business, she employed 15 people--lots of relatives, producing over 1/2 million buttons a year! She lived between Kalona and Amana--an amazing area where one can get lost in time. She does all the work--designing the patterns, painting the buttons, marketing, etc. The buttons are made of white stoneware clay, rolled to perfection by her husband, cut, dried on racks, washed, painted, fired, antiqued and packaged. She makes 100 at a time--what an amazing lady. Thanks to Nancy A for finding her and assisting with the program. You can find Jean on Facebook at My Stitching Peace. And look for her later this year in Fons and Porter magazine. She had a wonderful presentation and display. And she was very generous with gifts for door prizes. I think everyone was very enthused with her buttons and patterns and looking forward to making many of them.

The Button Lady, Jean

Her wonderful display

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Show and Tell Slide show-April 16, 2013

We had 62 members and guests at our April meeting, it was a full crowd. We had 3 new people join after our meeting so I think we up to about 83 members now..We are growing by stitches and seams or (leaps and bounds for better words?)  Remember last month we had our lottery drawing for our strip blocks and this month we had 2 of the winners brings their finished lottery block quilts to show. Two down and three to go, maybe we'll see more next month, huh? We had lots of show and tell, all wonderful quilts. The slide show will show you most of them and I hope you enjoy looking at all the projects and quilts.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our March Meeting, Pictures & Etc.

It seems we had lots of business and things to discuss so it was a busy meeting with lots of show and tell, a good program and of course, good refreshments to end our evening. We had our strip pieced block lottery and had a huge response to it. We had enough blocks for 5 different drawings, 4 stacks with 24 blocks each and 1 stack with 18 blocks. Wow, thanks to everyone who participated and we can't wait to see what each person does with their stack of blocks!!!  We are having a PHD challenge going on throughout the year and it has really enthused "some" people to get going on their challenges. Phyllis was our hands-down winner this month with (if I counted correctly) 12 pieces that she had finished. I hope I can get them all shown correctly in the slide show so you can drool over all of the show and tell.

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We had a local professional artist, Pam Cates, that gave the program for us. Her program "Color Theory from an Artist's Point of View" was a good lesson for us quilters. She showed us some of her paintings and talked about tints and hues on the color wheel. It was very interesting to hear her tell about her life as an artist and how she thinks about the colors she uses. As quilters we think along some of the same lines as an artist, I'm sure. We had a nice meeting, a great program and delicious refreshment as always. See you next month...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tidbits from Our February Meeting

Our February meeting was well attended once again. Everyone sure seems to have a good time and enjoy seeing one another, the show and tell, the programs and most of all, the food!!! We sure don't hold back when it comes to refreshments!!! I have made a slide show of some of the quilts that members shared with us.
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Fourteen members shared their favorite tool. Jill D. did a demo on the "Strip Smart Ruler" and the book. She showed several ways to use this ruler to make different patterns, very interesting. Norma used a broken knitting needle for a stiletto. Nancy A. showed her Flying Geese Rule x 4, Carmen used Eleanor Burns' Triangle Square Up Ruler, Rachael brought a bag of wooden skewers for stilettos  to share, Karen uses hair beret clips when she binds a quilt, Delores showed off her Cutting Gixmo, to cut the threads between pieces when she is chain piecing. Leona uses Fons & Porter's Binding Tool and has it mastered after failing with other techniques, Lou B. loves her Guidelines for Quilting non-slip ruler, it can be adjusted to set the width that you want to cut your strips, GerrySue shared that the little red binding clips now come in a larger size and are quite handy to use, Sandy showed her Easy Circle Ruler and the Center to Trim guide. Jill C. showed her little design board that she made from instructions on the Bee in My Bonnet blog. Very handy to carry blocks and pieces on. We will make some of these at our Quilter's Mini- Retreat on March 16th, everyone should bring their own supplies if you want to participate. That's all for now...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bee In My Bonnet Row-Along

Do you remember when I was telling you about the Bee In My Bonnet Row Along at guild the other night? I  emailed Lori Holt the creator of this blog and she gave me a link that will take you to all of the instructions/tutorials that she has posted since she started the Row Along last August. If you click on the link below it will take you to the Flickr page for the Row Along. Then you need to scroll down and all of the links are there so you can go directly to them. Here is the link:

I think Lori's pictures and instructions are among the best on the web. Very precise and clearly written.  I enjoyed looking at the pictures on Flickr of what other quilters were doing with these patterns. I know you will enjoy these patterns and checking out other parts of the blog too.   Enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guild String Pieced Block

A block before trimming

You will sew strips of fabric together in various widths and colors that are at least 11" long. Your strips do not need to be the same width across the entire block width, variety is more interesting. Continue to add strips until you reach a width of 11" (11"x11" is the basic size we are looking for, a " little" larger or smaller won't make a big difference). But we will want to be able to trim these down to a 10" block size. I suggest using a wider strip at the beginning and end of your square to make it easier to square up later.  DO NOT trim your blocks before turning them in. Your will get one chance to win for each string-pieced square turned in at our March meeting. The limit you can make is 5 for our drawing in March. You can add plain triangles and make a block like this or.............
Or this

Or this

Or just all string pieced triangles..

I am having a terrible time with this post, when I publish it, the captions don't show up on the Preview and I can't get the pictures arranged like I wanted them, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Added 2/23/2013: If you would like to make a quilt for yourself, you would need to cut a 10" square of plain fabric and then cut diagonally twice to make your plain triangles.  You could make your strip blocks any size you want and then you would cut the same size for the alternate blocks. Just a reminder, there will be a lot of bias edges so you need to handle your pieces gently to keep them from stretching.