Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 19th meeting, show and tell and program

On a HOT July 19th evening, Piecemaker's Quilt Guild met for the first time in 2 months, because of the flooding we didn't get to have our June meeting so it was nice to see everyone again. As always, we had some great show and tell and I have posted a slide show to prove it!! I hope you enjoy it.

We had a great program too, given by our own, Susie Brink..Susie owns a quilt shop in Onawa, Iowa, Susie's Quilts and More, and has introduced hand embroidery to her class lists now because she enjoys it so much herself. Hand embroidery has been making a return in many areas, it's easy to pick up and is a great addition to many quilts and wall hangings. I have a few pictures of some of the items that Susie brought to show us, some of them were colored with crayons and then outline looks like a fun technique to try and Susie had a 6" for all of us to take home, color and embroider..She inspired many of us to pick up our embroidery hoops and needles again..

That's about all for now but I'll be back soon with notes and pictures of the Quilt Turning that was presented in conjunction with the Harrison County was a great turning, wish you had been there!!!

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  1. Great Show And Tell! You have some very talented people in your group!