Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guild Meeting 11-15-2011

Here is a slideshow of most of the quilts that were shown in our show and tell last night. Gosh, the pictures don't do the quilts justice, they were so neat and lots of work done on them. I hope you enjoy the show.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Meeting 10-18-2011

We had a great meeting in October, lots of show and tell and 2 of our very own  members gave the program. Sharon and Carmen both had a trunk show and told us how they started quilting and the progress that they have made on their journey. Sharon wants to concentrate on her artistic background and embellishments. So she is experimenting with art quilts and lots of beading and other forms of embellishing.  She had some stunning examples as shown below. After Sharon oohed and aahed us, Carmen took the floor and told us some of her quilting experiences. Carmen goes to a lot of auctions and finds some great quilt bargins. Even if the quilt is tattered and torn, Carmen believes it deserves a nice home and she honors whoever took the time to make the quilt. And then she makes her own amazing quilts also. The basket quilt in the center of the collage is one that Carmen made and she considers it the best quilt that she has made so far.  It is very stunning and has lots and lots of hand quilting in it. Thanks so much to both Sharon and Carmen for a geat program and letting us see their wonderful quilts. Our own talented members had some great show and tell as we always do every month.  This pumpkin village is an original design from Delores and was really cute  and clever.  
I am not going to name the rest of these projects but just hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Farmer's Dotter came on Sept. 20, 2011

September meeting was well attended with 45 members and 1 guest and everyone enjoyed our program. It was given by Brenda Weed (aka The Farmer's Dotter) from Bedford, IA.  Her trade name comes from 1. her love of polka dots and 2. from the quilt block, Farmer's Daughter. (shown above).  She has a quilting retreat in her home and she says it is centrally located between Des Moines, IA, Kansas City and Omaha. I think it would be a fun retreat to try sometime, anyone want to go??? You can find a link to her right here, The Farmer's Dotter. My pictures didn't come out very good at all that night and I apologize for that. Here are just a couple more from Brenda's program.
We had some nice show & tell too and once again the pictures aren't that good so I am showing them in a collage instead of individual pictures. If you click on the picture collage, it should enlarge it.
Please, if anyone has anything to add to the blog, pictures, information, etc. email me with it and I will put it on here for you. Thanks again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reiman Gardens Quilt Show - 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Reiman Gardens Quilt Show and viewed some lovely quilts. I hope you enjoy looking too.

I apologize for some of the photo's. Some of the quilts were hung up high on an open rafter in the hall and they were hard to photograph and with my little point and shoot camera they don't always come out looking the best. I will try to post again soon and not let it be so far in between. If anyone has anything they want me to put on here, you can just send me an email, after all, this is the Piecemaker's Guild blog and any information is welcome. I'll be back soon.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Harrison County Iowa Fair - Quilt Turning

Here are the pictures from the Quilt Turning held In July for the Harrison County Fair. Enjoy them!!
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 19th meeting, show and tell and program

On a HOT July 19th evening, Piecemaker's Quilt Guild met for the first time in 2 months, because of the flooding we didn't get to have our June meeting so it was nice to see everyone again. As always, we had some great show and tell and I have posted a slide show to prove it!! I hope you enjoy it.

We had a great program too, given by our own, Susie Brink..Susie owns a quilt shop in Onawa, Iowa, Susie's Quilts and More, and has introduced hand embroidery to her class lists now because she enjoys it so much herself. Hand embroidery has been making a return in many areas, it's easy to pick up and is a great addition to many quilts and wall hangings. I have a few pictures of some of the items that Susie brought to show us, some of them were colored with crayons and then outline looks like a fun technique to try and Susie had a 6" for all of us to take home, color and embroider..She inspired many of us to pick up our embroidery hoops and needles again..

That's about all for now but I'll be back soon with notes and pictures of the Quilt Turning that was presented in conjunction with the Harrison County was a great turning, wish you had been there!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

May 2011 meeting, better late than never!!

 This is a really late posting for our May meeting, hopefully, I can do better the next time.    The program was given by mother and daughter, Linda and Stephanie True.  They had lots and lots of fabulous quilts to show us. I have made a slide show of some of them, if you will click on the link below, you can watch the slideshow of their quilts.                                                                                      

I have included an excerpt from the newsletter about their program. These are Phyllis' words....

An entire pick up load of quilts made up their trunk show.  Daughter Stephanie showed 10 quilts, the first, a 1992 hand quilted wedding quilt that Grandma kept saying needed more quilting.  When Grandma finally thought there was enough quilting, she died the next day!  Her #2 wedding quilt, from the "good" wedding, featured 12 hand appliqued hearts that increased in difficulty.  I have that pattern but haven't been brave enough to try it yet!  Stephanie and her mom do lots of projects together, one was an amazing Celtic quilt.  Trip Around the World was another beautiful full size quilt.  Their Ties That Bind had green stars and red poinsettias on Stephanie's and gold poinsettias and blue stars on moms--she doesn't like to follow rules!!  They both do tons of charity quilts with their small groups.  Every resident in a Habitat Home got a quilt but they couldn't keep up so now only one per household!  A wonderful Fence Rail and stars patriotic quilt was quilted by someone with cataracts and unfortunately, a dime sized patch now covers all the cuts made when she cut her thread!  Around the Twist was one of her favorite quilts--Linda said she could make that quilt in her sleep--she made 5 in one summer for wedding presents!!  Her Grandmother's Flower Garden was made using a stamp that provided grain line, cutting line and sewing line.  ALL one has to do is all the hand sewing (10 years later, mine still isn't done)  She made a Used Star quilt to wrap her husband's present--a safe--so that is now his quilt.  She made a wonderful Pickle Dish quilt for a niece's wedding BUT the niece turned into Bridzilla so the quilt belongs to Linda!!  The beautiful American Chain with Canadian Borders was again made as a group project where everybody had a job, cut, iron, sew, etc.  Sounds like a great way to make a quilt!!  Linda shared a mere 5 UFOs as well.   Linda had a total of 29 completed quilts in her Trunk Show!! 

These are my words now:  If you live anywhere in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area and you need a program for your guild, I would highly recommend this mother and daughter. The gave a great program for us!!!

We had a lot of wonderful show and tell also and I took just a few pictures of some of them.

Our June meeting was cancelled due to the flooding situation in our area...I look forward to our July meeting to see everyone again. I would be thrilled if you would leave a comment if you read this post and I will say "thanks" in advance. See you on July 19th!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Be Shy!!!

Please don't be shy about leaving comments when you read the blog, comments are a great way to spark new ideas for future blogging. You only have to leave your first name, if you want.  Comments are always welcome and so encouraging!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Little of This and That!!

Our last meeting was held on April 19th with about 40 or so in attendance. We had a huge show and tell, more than we had ever had I believe. I have a few pictures that I will show you, we really do have a lot of talent in our group and the projects never fail to amaze me. We quilter's are a prolific group when it comes to making quilts and other "quilty" items.  This quilt was made by "No UFO's Karen"..can you even imagine that you have finished all of your UFO's?  She is a unique person among us. Her Angel and Star quilt was a BOM project that she completed. It was a huge quilt and very well done. Congrats to you, Karen!

Here's Jill with her 3 or maybe it was 4 new bags that she whipped up. She has one to match any outfit she wants to wear, I think. Cute bags!

Here's my granddaughter, Abby, with her T-shirt quilt that we made together. She is really proud of it and learned a lot helping to make it. She already has it on her bed and enjoys using it. I think she may have developed an interest in quilting. Yippee!!
This is Abby's graduation quilt that her grandmother made for her, that would be me, Sandy. It was pieced with black and white strips and bright and bold 4 point stars added. It's pretty bright but that's what she likes.
Here's a quilt that Delores brought that she had made for a nephew. She called it a "nature" quilt. Lots of greens and browns, snail trail blocks and a brown bark fabric used for the borders. Stunning!
She also brought this blue/silver Butterfly quilt that she made for her daughter's wedding quilt. Very, very nice!Here is Sandy A.'s jungle panel quilt. I really like the realism in this panel. She did a great job even though she says piecing is not her favorite form of quilting.  This is her miniature signature quilt made with lots of Jo Morton fabric and very scrappy.  I think scrappy quilts are one of everyone's  very favorite quilts.
Here is Betty with her hand pieced, hand quilted Texas Star quilt. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. It is really a masterpiece, so soft and cuddly and really has that antique quilt look to it and that is the look she was striving for..You need to see it in "person" to get the full "wow" factor that it deserves.

Phyllis made 2 pink quilts and she has 5 grandsons!! Go figure! She says maybe she'll put them away, in hopes she might have a great-granddaughter some day. Now that is really planning ahead. They are adorable quilts for someone to enjoy someday.

And then she brought a Thanksgiving quilt, no wait, maybe it was a Christmas quilt.  She made it reversible, this is about the umpteenth reversible quilt she has made and they are all great. What a great idea!! Sure saves on storage space, right? I couldn't decide which side I liked the best!!  She also practiced inserting some circles on the Christmas quilt, good idea!
 I hope you enjoy looking at the quilts and be sure and click on the picture. It should open a new window and show the quilts in a larger size so you can view them a little better. Until next time, keep those needles going!!!!